6. October 2023

Fossar engages in a market making agreement with Amaroq

Fossar Investment Bank has engaged in a trading liquidity enhancement agreement with Amaroq Minerals Ltd to provide certain market-making services in respect of Amaroq’s Icelandic depositary receipts listed on the Nasdaq Iceland to support trading in Depositary Receipts by facilitating and ensuring effective and transparent price discovery.

Fossar shall post on each trading day buy- and sell quotes in the trading system of Nasdaq Iceland. Each buy- and sell quote must be a minimum 50,000 shares at nominal value. Such a quote shall not deviate by more than 5% from the last trading price. The spread of the buy- and sell quotes shall be as close as possible to 1.5% but not lower than 1.495%.

The market-making agreement is open-ended and is in force from the 6th of October 2023. The market-making agreement may be terminated at any time by either party upon providing a 14 days’ prior written notice or by mutual agreement.

For more information:

Runar Fridriksson
Phone: 522-4000
Email: runar.fridriksson@fossar.is