About Fossar

Fossar is a full-service investment bank with a specific focus on Capital Markets, Corporate Finance and Asset Management. Fossar provides clients with tailored financial services and is at the forefront in connecting the Icelandic economy to international markets. The Fossar team is comprised of experienced professionals with an extensive background in the financial industry both locally and globally.

Operating License

Fossar has a license to operate as a credit institution according to the Act on Financial Undertakings. The company’s operating license extends to receipt of repayable funds from the public, granting of credit, investment services and investment activities, i.e. reception and forwarding of clients’ orders concerning one or more financial instruments, order execution on behalf of clients, asset management, investment advice, co-ordinating placing of financial instruments without underwriting and underwriting in connection with the issue of financial instruments, and admission of securities to trading on a regulated securities market. The company also has a license to provide additional services, including safekeeping and administration of one or more financial instruments for the account of clients.

Shareholder list Shares in ISK*
Fossar Markets Holding ehf., owned by Sigurbjörn Þorkelsson, Aðalheiður Magnúsdóttir, Haraldur I. Þórðarson and Steingrímur Arnar Finnsson. 76.64%
H3 ehf., owned by Haraldur I. Þórðarson 4.96%
Kormákur Invest ehf., owned by Steingrímur Arnar Finnsson 4.81%
HT 19 ehf. 4.35%
More Productive ehf. 2.28%
AZ3 ehf. 1.63%
Volga ehf. 1.31%
Vatnaniður ehf. 1.14%
Other shareholders 2.89%