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Asset Management

Fossar Asset Management works with high-net-worth individuals, families, investment companies and enterprises. An investment strategy is developed in consultation with each client according to their individual objectives and requirements.

We provide well-considered investment and asset advice and offer a diverse portfolio of investment options across all asset classes.

We offer the following options::

Asset management

Asset management suits those who want experts to manage their portfolios in all respects according to a pre-determined investment policy. Asset management is arranged so that the clients themselves own the investments. Fossar does not operate funds so we have no interests other than those of our clients. Asset management clients always enjoy the best terms and all discounts or special terms that Fossar may receive, whether due to economy of size or business relationships, are passed directly on to the asset management clients.

Investment advice

Investment advice is for clients who have knowledge of financial markets and opinions on them, and want to take an active part in investment decisions. Investment decisions are not fixed, as they are always taken in consultation with the client in question.


Custodianship suits those who have assets that neither call for any transactions nor special follow-up for some time.

Fossar clients enjoy:

  • Their own contact within Fossar.
  • Clear access to a team of specialists with wide-ranging knowledge and experience of domestic and international financial markets.
  • Meetings as frequently as requested, where market outlook is reviewed and advice on the client’s portfolios is provided.
  • Access to the funds of various fund management companies, often available only to institutional investors.
  • Full access to brokerage and other Fossar services.
  • Periodic statements of portfolio returns and access to Fossar’s investor website. Clients who have more than one portfolio with Fossar can access information on them in one place.
  • The best terms available to Fossar at each time.

Fossar’s asset management team

Has a diverse background and extensive financial expertise and experience. We do our utmost to maintain a good relationship with clients and provide professional and personal services where the interests of the client are always at the forefront. Confidence and confidentiality are our top priorities.

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Focus on International Investment

Fossar considers diverse global portfolios to be most likely to yield good returns in the long term and has worked hard to assist Icelandic investors in making investments overseas.

We have successful partnerships with reputable international investment advisors who specialise in selecting the best funds in each class. We work with the best fund management companies in each field and offer a diverse selection of funds across all asset classses.

Responsible and Sustainable Investments

Investments by Fossar clients should be based on both their financial objectives and their objectives regarding their impact on the community, whether relating to environmental, social or governance factors. Such investments tend to carry less risk and be more likely to yield good returns in the long term.

We have worked systematically to establish relationships with fund management companies who are global leaders in socially responsible investing. Our main partners in this area have won numerous international awards for their work.