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Corporate Finance

Fossar Corporate Finance team offers diverse financial market services to private companies, institutions, public entities, and individuals.


Mergers & Acquisitions

Fossar Corporate Finance advises companies and individuals on all aspects of both sell-side and buy-side transactions.  With a hands-on approach, we work closely with our clients through all stages of the transaction from initial preparation and planning to final closing.

Provided services include origination and target search, assessment of potential investments or exit options, transaction management, business valuation, negotiations and communications with potential buyers/sellers and other stakeholders, feasibility study and post-acquisition advisory.


Debt financing

Fossar Corporate Finance provides independent advice on all aspects of corporate and institutional debt financing, primarily an analysis of the current capital structure and proposals for a preferred capital structure, the preparation of presentations and other documents for prospective borrowers, funding offers from lenders, and negotiation consultancy.

Fossar Corporate Finance also provides advice on the funding of companies and institutions, including communicating with prospective investors and issuing and listing financial instruments for institutions and companies. This includes general advice on capital structure, project management, analysis and valuation, prospectuses, marketing and the sale of securities and financial products.


Listings and offerings

Fossar Corporate Finance manages stock market listings, including IPOs, share capital increases and bond listings. We advise companies and sellers on how to prepare a stock market listing, and to perform the necessary due diligence, handle discussions with stock markets and the regulatory authorities, and oversee the preparation of prospectuses and investor presentations.

We arrange private placement in both listed and unlisted companies, and our services include advice on planning, preparing the prospectus, investor presentations and executing the offering.  We identify the most relevant equity capital pools and help our clients understand in detail how the equity market perceives their investment case so we can better develop and optimise their equity story.