18. March 2024

Fossar hosts annual Iceland Capital Markets Day in London

Fossar Investment Bank held its annual conference, Iceland Capital Markets Day, at Claridge’s in London where foreign investors were invited to learn more about Iceland’s economy and investment opportunities, both in the bond and equity space. A lot has changed in a year and the Icelandic market is becoming increasingly intertwined with global markets when it comes to investors, transactions, and listings. Sturla Palsson from the Central Bank of Iceland covered Iceland’s economic fundamentals, Haraldur Thordarsson CEO of Skagi introduced the new financial services group and its strategic vision, and Eldur Olafsson CEO of Amaroq Minerals presented the company’s recent milestones and prospects.

“It’s great to see the continued and growing interest in Iceland. Not only in terms of attendance but also in the follow up meetings where we were able to dive deeper and address any questions directly,” says Fossar Investment Bank’s CEO, Steingrimur A. Finnsson.


He points out that in recent years, foreign ownership in the Icelandic market has grown steadily. However, it remains low considering the country’s strong fundamentals and healthy credit rating.


“From the very beginning, Fossar has focused on strengthening its ties abroad and promoted opportunities in Iceland to foreign investors. We have led the way when it comes to facilitating foreign investors in the local market and intend to continue on that path. Our ICMD was a part of that mission and gives us confidence that we are on the right track,” Finnsson says.


Fossar would like to thank the ICMD attendees for their participation and continued interest in Icelandic investment opportunities.