20. May 2022

Opportunities in Iceland presented to foreign investors

Fossar Markets hosted a conference in London last week where foreign investors were invited to learn more about the economic status and investment opportunities. in Iceland. It is safe to say that many western countries face economic challenges but the Icelandic economy, on the other hand, has strong fundamentals. Furthermore, global index providers are now either adding Iceland to their indices (MSCI frontier index) or upgrading the Icelandic stock market (FTSE secondary emerging markets index), which further emphasizes Iceland’s increasing significance in international financial markets.

Haraldur Þórðarson, CEO of Fossar, opened the event with a welcoming address, followed by four speakers, all business leaders in Iceland; Sturla Pálsson, Director of Markets at the Central Bank of Iceland, Magnus Hardarson, CEO of Nasdaq Iceland, Birna Einarsdottir, CEO of Islandsbanki and finally Orri Hauksson, CEO of Síminn.

“We discussed the overall positive economic status in Iceland and how the economy is recovering well from the difficulties the world has faced these past 2 years. We also discussed the challenges ahead,” says Haraldur Þórðarson, CEO of Fossar, who says guests were interested in the outlook and investment opportunities in Iceland. The Icelandic business climate was discussed as well as opportunities in bonds and stocks listed on Nasdaq Iceland.

“It’s clear that increased opportunities in the Icelandic financial market interests foreign investors. The market has, to a certain extent, been rather uniform but is growing and maturing with more listed companies in the securities market and increased emphasis on the issuance of bonds in the next couple of years,” says Haraldur Þórðarson. There are more opportunities out there and we have good faith in the Icelandic economy.