Anna Jonsdottir

Managing Director
Asset Management

Anna Jonsdottir is Managing Director, Head of Asset Management.

Anna has extensive experience working in international financial markets. Anna has been with Fossar Markets since 2016 leading the Investment Services division which are now a part of the Asset Management division. Prior to joining Fossar Investment Bank Anna served as Co-Chairman of World Financial Desk LLC (WFD), a New York City based high-technology proprietary trading firm and a market maker on numerous exchanges and electronic marketplaces globally. Anna co-founded the firm in 2008 and served as its Chief Investment Officer until the company was sold in 2015. Prior to founding WFD, Anna worked as a trader for Madison Tyler Trading (now Virtu Financial) where she traded fixed income, equities, currencies and commodities.

Anna Jonsdottir has graduate degrees in Economics (M.A. University of California Los Angeles) and Financial Mathematics (M.Sc. University of Southern California). Anna is a certified securities broker in Iceland and the United States.